Decimal to fraction calculation

How to convert decimals to fractions: Simple use decimal to fraction calculation. This calculator helps you to convert real numbers into fractions. We using decimals every day. When we pay $1.95 at a vending machine, 1.95 is a decimal number. A decimal number is a number that uses place value to indicate numbers less than 1. Decimal numbers  are special fractions which have denominators of 10, 100, 1000 or any powers of ten.

decimal to fraction calculation
Converting decimal to fraction is a basic concept and requires three steps. In order to convert decimal to fraction, heed the following steps. How to convert decimal number 0.6 to a fraction ?


Decimal number 0.6 has one decimal place, and denominator of the fraction should be ten:
0.6 = 6/10= 3/5

Now try to convert decimal number 0.28 to a fraction.
Well. 0.28  has two decimal places, therefore the denominator of the fraction should be 100

This calculation table will help us understand how to convert decimal to fraction. The calculator will convert decimal number to fraction. Use online free decimal to fraction calculation and try to convert decimal number into fraction.

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